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Curtain Up! Company

Our Story

Our audition in company was founded in 2002 as a triple threat performing arts group. Ranging from ages 9-18, Curtain Up! members are required to sing, act, and be proficient in dance technique. We promote that they excel in school and participate in local community events, while valuing family, each other, and themselves. They know the meaning of hard work and discipline, dedicating themselves to something that promotes respect, integrity, creativity, time management, and physical and mental health.

Curtain Up! Company members get to perform multiple times throughout the year, partake in dance conventions, help instruct classes, and become leaders of the studio. Being a member of the company is a commitment (at least 3 hours/week), but is extremely beneficial no matter what path life takes you down.

All students must audition. They will then be placed on either our preparatory company or competition company based on their audition scores. Both the preparatory company and the competition company perform together throughout the year at local events and in recital. Preparatory company has the option to attend national conventions. Competition Company will compete at 2 nationally renowned competitions.

Commitment: August 1st , 2023 – June 23rd , 2024



No prior experience needed.
Commitment: August 1st, 2024 - June 15th, 2025
Auditions will be Saturday May 25th, 2PM-4PM, Sunday May 26th, 12PM-2PM, Tuesday May 28th, 6PM-8PM, and

Friday May 31st, 6PM-8PM
All auditionees must submit an application form and head shot to by June 5th.

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