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Meet the Coaches

The Team Behind Our Gymnasts

Angie Ferree


Working with Mismo since 2007
Angie is hard working, consistent, and determined
Favorite Quote: I am good enough, smart enough and doggone it people like me. 
Stuart Smally
Her hobbies spending time with her dogs, being outside, and hiking 
Her major accomplishment is competing for Bois
e State Gymnastics
Sports: Gymnastics
Education: Graduated High School from Hellgate and f
rom Boise State with a degree in P.E./Coaching
Certifications: CPR & First AId, Safe Sport, Safety Cert, U100, HOT Preschool Certified, USAG Membership

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Audrey Sipler

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo since 2022
Audrey is organized, sarcastic, and playful 
Her hobbies include puzzles and singing when she’s alone! 
Audrey’s major accomplishments are traveling all around Europe at age 17 for a school music trip and making the Dean’s list the last three years of college! 
Sports: swimming for about 5 years when I was little, track in middle school to high sc
Education: Graduated from Big Sandy High School and currently a Senior in College earning bachelors in elementary education 
Certifications/Licenses/Trainings: CPR, first aid, and AED child, infant, adult. Basic training in ASL 

Allison Smith

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo since 2023
Allison is quiet, kind, and friendly
Favorite quote: "If nobody's perfect and you're nobody, you can be perfect"
Allison’s hobbies include rock climbing, running, hiking, baking 
Allison’s major accomplishments are making it to regionals every year in high school, getting a varsity letter every year in high school for gymnastics, graduating undergrad early, making it to PT school 
Sports: Gymnastics and rock climbing 
Education: Graduated from Lakewood High School, B.S. in Health and Exercise Science from  Colorado State University, now getting Doctorate of Physical Therapy at U of Montana
Certifications/Trainings: BLS and CPR/first aid 

Aksel Nabozney

Gymnastics Coach

Walker (1).png

Ben Henning

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo since 2021
Ben is energetic, indecisive, and fun
Favorite Quote: “Work Smarter, not Harder”
His hobbies include solving Rubiks Cubes, video games, and math
His major accomplishment is doing Accelerated Graduation
Sports: Dance and Track
Education: Three and a Half Years of Highschool
Certifications/Licenses/Trainings: CPR Certified

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Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo since 2021
Brenda is kind, compassionate and loyal
Favorite quote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Her hobbies include walking, watching her kids play sports, and walking her dogs.
Brenda’s major accomplishments are achieving Class II State All Around Champ, being a Level 9 State All Around and Vault Champion, Region 8 Level 9 Vault Champion, and being in a 1991 Sports Illustrated “Faces in the Crowd”
Sports: Gymnastics
Education: Graduated High School from Hewitt-Trussville and earned her BS in Education from University of Alabama Birmingham
Certifications/Training: CPR & First Aid


Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo Since 2021
Brook is calm, straight forward and giving
Favorite quote: “Making mistakes is called learning. Just don’t try to learn too much in one day.”
His hobbies include fishing, hunting, and working
Brooke’s major accomplishment is having three beautiful daughters
Sports: Gymnastics, Wrestling, and Ballet
Education: Graduated High School from Big Sky and earned his Associates of Science in Welding Technologies from Missoula College
Certifications/Training: CPR & First Aid, Osha 10/40, Safe Sport

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Elston Cloy

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo Since 2023
Elston is consistent, kind, and enthusiastic
Favorite quote: “Learn from the past. Prepare for the future. Live in the present, for it is now.”
His hobbies include chess, weightlifting, volunteering for various social community programs, and spending time with his dog
Elston’s major accomplishments are successfully owned a fitness gym for over 15 years and has raised over $25,000 for autism research and support
Sports: Rugby, ultimate football, karate, weightlifting, and chess
Education: Has earned his B.A. in Exercise Science
Certifications/Training: Over 18 years of coaching and training, ACSM

Gabi Casey

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo since 2023
Gabi is enthusiastic, passionate, and active 
Favorite Quote: Things only have power over you if you allow it.
Her hobbies include hiking, going to the gym, and traveling 
Gabi’s major accomplishments are being a business owner, graduated high school early and started college early  
Sports: Gymnastics Cheer Ballet Dance Volleyball Softball Basketball 
Education: Graduated from Arlee and is currently a Freshman at the University of Montana

Grace Bintz

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo since 2019
Grace is bubbly, friendly, and empathetic
Favorite Quote: Dance like no one is watching!
Her hobbies include spending quality time with friends and family, watching documentaries, eating yummy food, and walking my dog!
Grace’s major accomplishments are being on the High Honor Roll, Dean’s List (5 semesters), and President’s 4.0 List (2 semesters).
Sports: Golf, Cheer, and Dance.
Education: Graduated from Frenchtown High School and is currently earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology.
Certifications/Licenses/Trainings: First Aid, CPR, Infant Safety Essentials, Safe Sleep

Greg Swingley

Gymnastics Coach

Walker (3).png

Jenna Henning

Gizmo Director

Working with Mismo since 2019
Jenna is loving, loyal, and honest
Favorite Quote: “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, canning, and reading
Jenna’s major accomplishment is being mom to three amazing teenagers
Sports: Dance
Education: Graduated from Minot High School
Certifications/Licenses/Training: CPR & First Aid, Safe Sport


KC Lostetter

Gymnastics Coach

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Kelley Durbin-Williams


Kelley is enthusiastic, calm and loving.
Favorite quote: “This too, shall pass.”
Her hobbies include walking in nature, gardening and meditating
Kelley’s major accomplishments are being a business owner for over 20 years and being a mom
Sports: Gymnastics, Dance, Track & Field, College Mascot & Fitness Competitor
Education: Graduated High School from Shawnee Mission North- Kansas, and earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Fort Hayes State University
Certifications/Trainings: CPR & First Aid, Safesport, USAG Pro Member, USASF Pro Member

Kylie Evans

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo since 2016
Kylie is funny, kind and hardworking.
Her hobbies include singing, being outside and working out
Kylie’s major accomplishments are being part of the first Missoula Special Olympics team as a coach and being a momma
Sports: Gymnastics, Basketball, and Track
Education: Graduated  from Big Sky High School
Certifications/Training: CPR & First Aid

Walker (22).png


Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo Since 2021
Molly is funny, outgoing and fun.
Favorite quote: “Hard work paid off, with hard training.”
Her hobbies incl
ude gymnastics, swimming, working out, reading and traveling
Molly’s major accomplishments are competing in gymnastics, changing herself for the better.
Sports: Gymnastics, Tennis, Skiing, and Dance
Education: Graduated from Sentinel High School
Certifications/Training: CPR & First Aid

Nikki Johnsen

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo Since 2023

Nikki is ambitious, creative, and trustworthy

Favorite quote: “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”-Dolly Parton

Her hobbies include bird watching, kayaking, and art

Nikki’s major accomplishments are being Mismo’s 1st collegiate gymnast and attending the 2017 Women’s Junior Olympic National Championship

Sports: Gymnastics and pole vaulting

Education: Graduated from Hamline University with her B.S. in exercise science, and is currently working towards her Doctorate

Certifications/Training: BLS and NASM-CPT

Taevyn Beaudin

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo since 2023, but was a gymnast here for 10 years previously.
Taevyn is kind, hard working, and coachable
Favorite quote: “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” -Mark Twain
Her hobbies include both track and volleyball during the school year. Outside of that Taevyn enjoys reading and hanging out with my two dogs Ollie and Rheale. 
Taevyn’s major accomplishments are being a 3 time state track qualifier, a volleyball all-state athlete, and a 5 time state gymnastics champion.
Education: Senior in high school graduating from Valley Christian School at the top of her class!

Tracy Stockdale

Gymnastics Coach

Working with Mismo Since 2023
Tracy is hardworking, loyal and funny
Favorite quote: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but triumph over it”
Her hobbies include sewing, reading, and astronomy
Tracy’s major accomplishments are being a principal dancer at the Southwestern Dance Theater in Texas, coached gymnastics in California and Kansas, and earned her Master of Science in Leadership and Disaster Management
Sports: Gymnastics, dance, baton twirling, rugby, soccer, and swimming
Education: Graduated from Edison Computech High School and earned her BA in French/English Literature from Southwestern University
Certifications/Training: Certified Lifeguard

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